Services Offered

CanSustain - Diagnostics - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Management system and performance audits.

Self-assessment and compliance evaluation strategies.

CanSustain - Environmental Management System Development & Enhancement - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Environmental Management System Development & Enhancement

Facilitating the development of an EMS tailored to your operations.

Improving critical elements of your management system, such as compliance management, to reduce risk and increase efficiencies.

CanSustain - Tanis Ostermann - Registration Readiness - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Registration Readiness

Preparation for audit interviews.

System and performance overviews in anticipation of registration to ISO 14001 or other standard.

CanSustain - Information and Engagement - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Information and Engagement

Delivering sector or management system specific information, tailored to executive, middle management or staff needs.

Establishing knowledge transfer and communication strategies specific to operational or strategic needs.

CanSustain - Corrective Action Planning - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Corrective Action Planning

Leading the development of effective strategies to correct non-compliance, management system weaknesses and non-conformance identified through audit.

Establishing measures to validate success of implemented corrective action.

CanSustain - Facilitation - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Helping senior management and staff groups work through multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional systems and process issues to successful resolution.

Supporting organizations in meeting external obligations such as reporting requirements and deliverables tied to government funding.