Managing for sustainability

We focus on helping our clients fulfill their need to operate sustainably, no matter their stage of development or readiness.

This is done through mutual focus on the systems used to manage and the culture in which those systems are expected to function. The services we offer are in the interest of ‘operationalizing’ sustainability in a way that makes sense for you, your staff and stakeholders. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk about any of the services we provide and how they might benefit your organization. 



CanSustain uses a comprehensive and successful method for guiding groups through the process of identifying what sustainability means to them and their organization.  We can help you and your stakeholders articulate a vision and define actions to work towards that vision.  Critical elements to this are providing fact-based sustainability training and then developing strategy that works within your existing culture and management practices.


One of the first steps in identifying and lowering risk is to ensure a comprehensive knowledge of your environmental compliance obligations.  CanSustain can help you identify them and figure out how they apply to your organization.  We can also assess your operations to determine your level of compliance.  



We have extensive experience in the design, implementation, audit and correction of ISO 14001 and other corporate environmental management systems.  Our approach to all elements of EMS design and assessment is to ensure that material risks are understood and that appropriate measures are put in place to mitigate that risk while integrating with your existing processes. 


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